Saturday, 24 November 2007

House moving nightmare!

Haven't had a chance to blog for ages. I am in the midst of a legal wrangle with a mortgage company after they have suddenly pulled their mortgage offer only a few days before I was due to sign contracts and move house. This is the latest in a long line of disasters and problems which have turned my latest house-move into a seemingly never-ending 16 month nightmare.

It all began when I put my house up for sale at exactly the same time as the housing market in my town suddenly died. I have endured a year of people traipsing through my home, poking in cupboards and even examining the dirty dishes in my dishwasher. I've put up with kids running riot, chasing my terrified cats, getting under the bed and in my laundry basket. I've spent so many hours hoovering, tidying and washing windows, trying to keep the place tidy, that I have vowed to live in squalor from now on! I have gone through two estate agents, have had the house up for auction twice, have had a sale fall through, have dropped the price three times and finally sold it just as I was about to despair and rent it out. I've been gazumped on the house I was buying, and ended up buying the same house from a different owner (don't ask!) - after all this I was finally starting to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that the end was in sight.

And now this. With Christmas only a month away I am facing the possibility of having nowhere to live - or what is infinitely worse, having to move in with the parents!

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