Monday, 22 October 2007

A pony book found...

Hurrah! After ages of searching finally got my hands on a copy of Diana Pullein-Thompson's A Pony Found. This is the last book in the series about the Fletcher family which begins with The Ponyseekers. It is an interesting series which I loved as the setting was fairly original. The family set up The Ponyseekers, a horse-dealers which rather than just trying to make a profit aims to make sure the ponies they sell are suitable for their new owners too. There were very few pony books with horse dealers as the main characters, they were nearly always the villains!

For some reason I have never actually read the third one in this series, looking at the publishing date I was possibly a little old for pony books when it was released and was probably chasing boys at the time! Now, as an old fart, I am quite happy to read them.

So I am looking forward to sitting down and reading the entire series straight off, with the dessert course being that rarity, a pony book I haven't actually read. I have that warm tingly feeling of anticipation I always get just before reading a great book. (A feeling also inspired by opening a new box of chocs - but at least pony books don't make you fat!)

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haffyfan said...

Possibly quite sad to admit it, but it's a great feeling when you finally get your hands on a pony book you've wanted for a while...I have just got a Pat Leitch i have hunted for for ages!

Not a fan of the series in question but maybe it's me as I like most of her other books.