Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mylor and friends!

What do you get if you mix together a pony mad girl, an adventurous boy, a school swot, a mad professor, an evil scientist, a beautiful and unique horse, a dog and The Grand National? The answer is Mylor: The Most Powerful Horse in the World by Michael Maguire, a great sci-fi horsy adventure romp which until now not enough people had read due to its rarity. It was first published in 1976, then reprinted in the 1970s in paperback, but until now has never been reprinted. However publishers AuthorHouse have wisely decided that, due to the books many fans and potential new readers, it is worth a new edition. It has been published in both a hardback and paperback edition and in both the UK and USA. The even rarer sequel, Mylor the Kidnap is also being reprinted!

If you haven't read the books yet they are to be thoroughly recommended.

You can read a review of Mylor here

But there are even more delights in store for the reader as the author's other children's pony/animal story Swiftly, another exciting and original story, this time about a magical greyhound, has also been reprinted and a long-awaited sequel has been written too. Swiftly and the sequel Swiftly 2 have also both been published by AuthorHouse.

More about all these stories on the Michael Maguire web page or on Michael's website

All the books can be ordered/pre-ordered via Amazon.

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