Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Reading Lists

We are having fun on the pony mad booklovers chat forum with a Summer reading programme in which we have all picked 10 or so books to read over the Summer months (if indeed Summer has finally arrived!) and discuss. To make it more interesting I suggested we all try and pick at least one book from one of the following categories as well as some old classics and other books we had waiting to be read:

*Adult pony book
*Fantasy pony book
*New pony book (published in 2011-2012)

For anyone else who'd like to compile a summer reading list of their own here are some suggestions of great reads in the various categories:


The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater - A pony story like you've never read before - and horses like you've never ridden before (hopefully!) combined with a love story. Warning: its violent and gory!
This was a forum reading circle choice Join in with discussion here

The Girl Who Remembered Horses by Linda Benson (ebook only) - Excellent post apocalyptic story in which a girl begins to have dreams of a long forgotten legendary animal - the horse...
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Mylor the Most Powerful Horse in the World by Michael Maguire - A fun adventure romp with a very special horse. A classic which is now back in print!
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The Black Loch (aka The Horse From the Black Loch) by Patricia Leitch - Classic fantasy as children try to save a very special and magical horse.

Freedom by Angela Dorsey - Fantastic horsy ghost story which is actually scary!

Circle of Blue by Eleanor Jones - An excellent and very different horsy fantasy in which a girl stumbles into an alternative world where everything she knows is upside down. Can she get back home and will she have learned from her experiences?

Can I Get There by Candlelight by Jean Slaughter Doty - Horsy time slip in which a lonely girl finds a friend in the past. Everyone I know who has read this has loved it!
Read review here


Timber Ridge Riders series by Maggie Dana - A great new series in which a girl vows to have nothing to do with horses after fearing she has caused the death of one. A lively modern take on a traditional pony series.
Read review of book 1 Keeping Secrets
Read review of book 2 Racing Into Trouble

Taking Flight by Sheena Wilkinson - THE pony book of 2011 - a gritty young adult story which you will not be able to put down!
This was a forum reading circle choice Join in with discussion here

Grounded by Sheena Wilkinson - A must-read sequel to Taking Flight.
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The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St. John - Gritty young adult drama of a girl determined to rise above her awful home life and compete at Badminton on a rescued horse.

Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon - Young adult novel. A girl struggles against circumstances and a forbidden passion. Authentic horse detail from an ex professional rider. Lots of people have really enjoyed this although it was slightly too Mills n Boonish for me!

The Girl Who Remembered Horses - see above


Bluegrass by Borden Deal - possibly the best adult horsy book ever written - certainly the most authentic. Fascinating detail of the world of breeding in Bluegrass country provides a backdrop for an absorbing story of a woman struggling to survive in a man's world.

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen - Page turning story of a once top rider who returns to horses after many years.

The Horse Dancer by JoJo Moyes - One of my favourite reads of last year. Combines a teen pony drama with an adult story. Interesting backdrop of Le Cadre Noir.

Come to Grief by Dick Francis - Third in the excellent Sid Halley series and possibly the most gripping. A fantastic study of a psychopathic personality as well as a page turning mystery. Warning - some hard hitting scenes of horse injury.

Going the Distance by Christina Jones - Chick lit for all (even boys!) with racing backdrop of scheming trainers and randy jockeys. A very funny light read for the beach.
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The Man from Snowy River - Intelligent and very well written adaptation of the film of the same name by Silver Brumby author Elyne Mitchell. Aimed at young adult to adult.
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Six to One Against by Lyndon Stacey - Excellent racing thriller in which an animal behaviourist gets involved with solving the murder of a jockey. Or try any of the author's other books!

Warrior the Story of a Real War Horse by Lord Mottistone - does exactly what it says on the cover - a real life biography of the author's own war horse. Touching and fascinating.
Read review here

I hope this has given people some ideas of what to read over the Summer. There are some real corkers here which will have you glued to the page whether on the beach or garden or stuck indoors if the rain returns!

Please feel free to add your own suggestions!

To see my own Summer reading list check out the Shelfari link on the right.


Anonymous said...

Good lists, but who is the author of The One Dollar Horse? You haven't mentioned it.

Claire said...

Oops sorry! I have also forgotten to add the author of Can I Get There By Candlelight. Will rectify the mistake now!