Saturday, 10 November 2007

Goodbye sweet book!

In my last blog I was talking about what a wrench it was having to part from The Wild One in order to sell it. I have been thinking about all the lovely rare books I would have liked to keep if only it wasn't for the lure of the filthy lucre! I do envy the collector who can keep all her treasure by her side - whereas with me they are just books that pass in the night. Once I have sold them on I am full of regrets and immediately start searching for a replacement. But if I do find one you can be sure that after re-sampling their delights for a day or two, the tempation to sell again will just be too much. Guess I am just a one night stand type of girl!

Some books that I have read and then abandoned...

I'd Rather Not Gallop by Caroline Akrill (Signed
by the author)

The Wild One by Monica Edwards (First Edition)

Pony Club Camp by Patricia Leitch/Jane Eliot (First Ed)

The Ten Pound Pony by Veronica Westlake

More Ponies For Jean by Joanna Cannan (First Edition)

Janet Young Rider (republished as A Horse For the Holidays) by Patricia Leitch (First Edition)

The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton (First Edition)

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haffyfan said...

I know the feeling well....I bought Brumby Racer for a song and stuck it on Amazon (not expecting it to sell in a million years) and it sold...I was gutted.

My mum threw away most of my pony books including Caroline Canters Home, I'd Rather Not Gallop and Mystery On The Moor (which i never actually read as didn't like the earlier ones as a child). I didn't even get the satisfaction of a cash injection.