Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The most expensive series?

I have been lucky enough to recently get hold of a few books in the hard to find 'Jim and Ann/Leysham Stud' series by Hazel M. Peel. Whilst reading them and wishing I had the others, it suddenly occured to me not only how hard it would be to find the entire series, but also how expensive! With the cheapest ones in the series, Pilot the Hunter and Easter the Showjumper going for between £10-£20 and around £40 respectively and the other harder to find ones anywhere from £50 to £200 you are looking at possibly over £500 for the full series! This surely must be the most expensive pony book series. In fact, possibly one of the most expensive series of any children's books. I always thought the Chalet School was the most costly set of books to buy - but considering there are far less titles in Ms. Peel's series, it certainly gives the old Chalet School a run for its money.

Thinking of other expensive series to buy, some others that spring to mind are:

Monica Edward's 'Punchbowl Farm' and 'Romney Marsh' series.....£300 ish each
Caroline Akrill's 'Caroline' series......£170 ish
Joesphine Pullein Thompson's 'Moors' series......£150 ish
Primrose Cumming's 'Silver Eagle' series......£100 ish
Jo Furminger's 'Blackbirds' series......£90 ish
Nancy Caffrey's 'Jay and Jan' series......£75 ish

Nudging the £2000 mark for that little lot!!! Who said reading was a cheap past-time...?

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